Eindhoven Parktheater Performance Videos -30Nov2008
Written by jing   
Tuesday, 02 December 2008 22:04

Dance 1 You&Me

Dance 2 Lotus

Lotus + second time You&Me

Shufen   |131.155.81.xxx |2008-12-03 12:48:54
I think Li Jing's dance was perfect! It was very beautiful and her expressions
were just right. I was told by trusted sources that all the audience were moved
and amazed by Li Jing's performance. Good job!
Jing   |131.155.68.xxx |2008-12-05 12:39:31
wow, hehe not really perfect. Since it is a solo ..., you know,flaws can be
I think all of you have done great! nice mood, match with each
others and really graceful and beautiful.
I am sure if give us more time to
practice, we can be really professional, hehehe. Anyhow I really enjoy the time
with all of you in our rehearsals. This is most important thing for us, isn't
xiaohan   |145.120.11.xxx |2008-12-05 16:46:58
Both performances were so...o beautiful on the stage! The performers in 'you&me'
looked so elegant and professional!! And Jing, I think anyone would be moved by
your solo even simply watching the video.

All of you were amazing~~~my
applause here
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