Video Demos by Group Members
  1. Special Edition for Footloose "Around the World" 10thJune 2012

    • "Surrounded on all Sides" 十面埋伏 videos and photos for part of the live
  2. Special Edition for Chinese New Year 2012.2.5 Rotterdam Zuidplein Theater, Celebration

    • "Jasmine Pretties" videos and photos for part of the live
  3. Special Edition for Asian Party Eindhoven 2011.5.27 organized by ACSSE and cndanceNL

    • videos and photos for part of the live
  4. Special Edition for "Brainport International Party" by Eindhoven City Hall, on 2010, 21th Oct.

  5. Special Edition for "Doe De Dommel" Art and culture Exhibition in TU/e campus on 2010, 4th July

    • rehearsal
    • performance at Zwarte Doos (Black box) in Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (Eindhoven University of Technology)

  6. Special Edition for New Dance Flying Apsaras (Faries) <飞天> new dance in 2010

    • rehearsal
    • performance in Den Haag City Hall, for CNY by Chinese in the Netherlands
    • performance in the Chinese New Year  celebration party by Chinese Students and Scholars in the Netherlands
    • performance in Leiden University, for multiculture festival and exhibition

  7. Special Edition for Footloose "Passion on the Dance Floor" 6thJune 2009

  8. Special Edition for Parktheater-Multiculture Festival-30Nov2008

    • Music from the openning ceremony of Beijing Olympic Game You&Me
    • Traditional Chinese music <宋飞. 国色>二胡 箫
    • First show on Multiculture Woman Festival, North Brabant Province Women Association, Parktheater Eindhoven, 30th Nov 2008. From mother to daughter...
    • Videos of rehearsals and preparation
    • Performance Videos live on the stage in Parktheater
    • Funny videos during the preparation and making up in Parktheater

  9. Performance Videos by Our Dance Group in 2007-2008

  10. Style Categories Maintained by Group Members

    • Favorite Videos of Street Dance - Author LiuFan
    • Favorite Videos of Spanish Flamenco - Author WangYiYin
    • Favorite Videos of Ballroom Dance - Author ChenShuDong
    • Favorite Videos of Chinese Traditional Dance - Author LiJing
    • Favorite Videos of Classical Ballet Dance - Author JiFang
    • Favorite Videos of Modern Dance - Author PanJing
    • Favorite Videos of Jazz Dance - Author